Easy/Simple Date Ideas

WednesdayOctober 18, 2017

If you are like me and juggling two little kiddos, trying to make sure your house isn't in shambles and not completely look like a slob,and still be the best wife you can be then date nights have slowly taken the back burner but I think it's time we do better. For me it's so easy to be the best mom I can be and give my kids my all than be the best wife because I always think my husband will understand (which he does) but that isn't fair to him or our marriage. So with the weather finally getting better here in Texas and me finally feeling more like myself after baby, I thought I would share some simple and very easy date ideas. Honestly these are ideas that could work for anyone, even for couples just starting to date.

  • Lunch dates! I think we get so consumed with the ideas of date night and making such a big deal about going on a date with our significant other thinking we have to plan this elaborate ordeal but sometimes planning such a big deal and trying to make sure every I is doted and T is crossed might make it harder to get those plans off the ground. Especially if you are married with kids, trying to plan a babysitter and then make sure time works for everyone ends up being the reason why plans continue to get pushed back, so why not plan a simple  middle of day date it's casual but you can still make it as fun as a night time date.
  • Netflix and Chill, Netflix was seriously invented for parent with little ones in mind lol. Since I had my baby we haven't had the chance to go to the movies, so being able to have options of movies in my home has been so helpful ( and you don't have to only watch movies though even your fave shows will do the trick too). I would advice to do it up though, get some popcorn and theater candy and make it a fun night. If you are a parent, put the little ones to bed early and cozy up with the boo.
  • Dinner and Wine Down, make a meal together or order in some of your fave and enjoy each other's company talking and unraveling your day with a bottle of wine. Your both get to relax as well as be in each other's company.
  • Game night, this can be something traditional like a board game or a free game app on your phone but either way there we be loads of laughs and bonding.

There are plenty of ways to spend time with your significant other, without having to drop your entire bank account. What are some date nights or day activities ideas you all have tried or will be trying out with your partner?

Temi: 6 months update

ThursdaySeptember 28, 2017

I can't believe it's already been 6 months of having my lil munchkin around so much changes in the short time she has been in our lives, but I am  so thankful to be able to experience those things with her. She is still home with me so, we get to bond each day, which is something I wouldn't give up for one second.

Originally when she started on solids she was loving it, but now it seems she is forming her  own taste and realizing what she likes and doesn't like. So feeding has been a challenge, sadly home girl also has some love hate relationship with the bottle just uses the nipple to scratch her gum and barely drinks any milk so still trying to transition her to bottle feeding (if anyone has any tips for me on this I would really appreciate it). But when she is put directly on the breast she will ALWAYS feed.

This is another place we struggle at 3 months she was definitely sleeping a lot better than she is at 6 months. Since Temi was born, she has been very clingy and stuck to me like glue. So me trying to get some sleep back then, started to co-sleep well now I have been in this battle to try and get her to sleep in her own bed (pray for me y'all). I have recently started to try and transition her into her own crib, so lately there had been lots and lots of crying and screaming.

She is pretty aware now, constantly laughing and giggling. And with a big sister that loves to play she really gets to have fun. She is also getting ready to start crawling, so she is constantly rolling onto her stomach and trying to get her body up on all fours. Still waiting for her teeth to pop out, in major teething world right now and with that comes loads of drooling and rubbing  her mouth on everything.

It's crazy to think how much changes have happened in 6 months, and of course there are many more changes to come. I am so glad to have been able to experience every day with her and watch all these different milestones she is hitting. If you all can leave tips on how you were able to sleep train, as well as transition your babies to the bottle I would really appreciate it.

What I wish I knew before pregnancy #2

MondaySeptember 11, 2017

Being pregnant the second time around, I was pretty sure that I had a good idea of what to expect (at least for the most part) but, boy was I off. I will be honest I thought since this is my second time around it should be easier and smooth sailing, and everyone kept making me believe this. But I thought I would share the real tea, at least from my experience.

  • I learnt that you definitely feel more tired the second time around. I am not sure if it's cause I had another toddler I was running after, but this second time around I felt extremely lazy and super tired.
  • It's definitely not easier the second time around. I learnt my body isn't what It was before, so of course the second time around was tougher for example I dealt with really bad round ligament pains and I honestly feel like my body is still healing even 5 months down the road.
  • The snap back the second time around won't be so easy. When I had my first baby I was back to my pre-baby body within 3 months, this time around it's a lot different and that's just something I had to come to terms with and realize it's a process. 
  • My motivation level after baby number 2 was very low, and so for that reason the chances of getting postpartum depression goes up. Thankfully I caught on to this early on and was able to  avoid sinking into that hole.
  • I really wish someone would have reminded me not to compare pregnancy. I tried so hard to remind myself that each pregnancy is different from the last and so symptoms and overall experience won't be the same but boy did it get super hard especially in those last few weeks.
  • No matter what you learnt the first time around, you kind of relearn those things again. Or more like you get a new spin on things, like I said earlier each baby is different and has their own personality so what works for the first baby won't necessarily work for the second and that is perfectly fine.
  • Your mommy guilt will get even worse. There are so many days where I feel like I am not giving my older daughter enough love, or I feel guilt that I am doing too much for the girls and not enough for my husband. But at the end of the day, I just have to give what I can and not over stress myself.

But one thing I have learnt is that the more kids you have, the bigger your heart gets and realize just how much you can give selflessly and unconditionally love.
What are some things you mom's out there learnt after your first, second or third child that you didn't know previously?

Colorado Visit/Life Update

FridaySeptember 01, 2017

We recently took a trip to Colorado to visit my family and lord was it a very interesting trip. Temi got to meet my mom and my older sister for the first time, also it was her first time flying so lord knows I was so scared of what to expect with that. Honestly this past week has just been full of firsts for all of us, from Temi's first flight, to her first mini road trip to her first major case of cold :(. Also it was my first time flying by myself with the two girls (I was so scared, and then on top of that they both had a cold so it was just a very stressful trip and me coming down with  a cold myself lol) And lastly it was Simi's first time to public school, last year she got to start Pre-school but, was going to a Montessori so even though I was nervous then for some weird reason I wasn't as nervous that time around like this time with her starting regular elementary (Update: she is doing just fine and loving it so far).

While visiting Colorado, we got to take a trip to The Great Sand Dunes which is so beautiful we didn't make it too far up because of the heat and the sand was hot! I would definitely recommend going during the fall or early hours of the day when its cooler. But the drive down and the remainder of the weekend lord was it a process, the girls got so sick, I am talking throwing up and fevers and the whole 9yards but, thank God for family and my amazing mama cause lord knows I wouldn't have been able to handle it all.

We also got to do a photo-shoot with grandma while in town, and grandma had gotten the girls matching outfits which was just the cutest thing ever. 

All in all life has been good, this trip helped bring a wonderful end to our summer! And mama Temi is officially 5 months (oh we got her ears pierced too)

Adjusting to two kids

WednesdayAugust 09, 2017

The reality of life as a mom to two little girls has fully set in since my mother in law left, I think having some helping me with the girls made life a little easier. But then all that fairy tale living came to an end about a month ago, and with my hubby working too it's been mostly me and the girls during the day so I have had to learn some tricks to help make life a little easier these days.

  • Plan, Plan, Plan! I am still very much working on this but I definitely do a lot better, with two little ones things can easily fall through the cracks so I have made a conscious effort to stay ahead of the ball, making sure to write down plans and organize my day ahead of time so as to not get into a situation where I am forgetting stuff or become stressed out. I even installed the Evernote app on my phone, just to help make my life a little chaotic. I literally write down my to do list for the week on there, shopping list and just a space to write down thoughts that cross my head. It helps to brain dump everything, because if I don't do that best believe it will be forgotten.
  • You can get a lot done during nap time, let's be honest sometimes when the baby naps I kind of take it as time to just seat down and enjoy a few minutes of zen time ( which is so needed every now and then)but if I did that everyday my house would be in shambles lol. So when ever the baby naps sometimes I literally have to force my 4 year old to sleep then, so that way I can get a little bit of laundry done or finally have time to do the dishes that have piled on all day.
  • I have learnt to wake up earlier, my body clock can't sleep past 8 a.m anyway, and with waking up early in order to breastfeed it's really hard for me to go back to sleep and sleep deep anyway, so I use those early hours for me time. I try to get some exercise in first thing in the morning when my husband is still home and while the kids are still on low energy or sleeping. Also it's a time for me to reflect, so even if I don't exercise that day I use that first one or two hours of my day to read my devotional and help start my day off on a good note. I noticed doing that really has helps to calm me and mentally prepare me for whatever the day will throw my way.

Honestly it's not easy having two little children and lately I feel very outnumbered, I truly have no idea how people that have 3, 4 or even 5 little children (you guys are the true MVPs) do it.  It's probably gonna always be nerve wrecking and a constant battle in my head of making sure I am raising them right and being a fair mom and sharing enough time between the baby and my 4 year old. I would really love to know how you mom's out there balance it all?

How I helped my toddler adjust to the new baby

MondayJuly 31, 2017

So Temi is growing and changing each and everyday, we have all had to do some adjustment but I think the person who has had to adjust the most is big sister Simi. She has had to go from being an only child, to taking her big sister role extremely serious and taking extra (actually a little too much) care of her little sister.
I was quite worried about a baby coming along and messing up her routine and I will be honest it has been a little bit of a shake up from her norm which was expected but thankfully she has been such a good sport about it and also being my little helper I am so impressed. Here are a few ways I have been able to help transitioning from only child to big sister (and to be honest I am still learning on these things and in no way an expert, but these are some ways that have worked thus far)

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  • I involve her in everything or at least on most things. Like being my little helper around the house or when I have to run errands I take her along. Simi easily feels left out, and since Temi has come she is extra whinny and needy (even more than her sister lol) so I help to curb that and mentally check myself to make an effort of doing this everyday.
  • We do something completely for her, whether it be going to the pool or park but just something to entertain her  and keep her busy. This has worked out so far for us because it keeps her busy and by the time we are done she is all tired out which means nap time or early bed time lol
  • I let her be a big sister with boundaries though (lol I know that doesn't really make sense) Simi is a super hyperactive 4 year old and I know she is very excited to have a little sister, but her excitement can get a little out of hand and she has to be reminded her sister is still a baby and she has to be chill with her (a work in progress here lol)

All in all it's been a wonderful experience thus far, and she has definitely shocked me with how she has adjusted to all the changes. Of course every experience is different and each child is different from the next but I would love to hear your experiences as well, what have you moms that have been through the same experience done to help the transition?

Temi: 3 Months Update

WednesdayJuly 05, 2017

Our precious Temi is growing up everyday, and with each day comes new lessons and  changes. This past three months have been an adjustment not even gonna lie, still getting used to our new addition but it's been full of so much loving on her, and cute baby cooing.

She is still quite the eating machine, not so much on the hour her feedings are a little more spread out, now we are at about 2 hrs or 3 hrs stretches and eats about 5 to 8 times per day. She is still being exclusively breastfed as well, and since she is missing no meals, she is growing and looking very healthy.

We are still very much on newborn schedule, but it's been a bit of a difference from the early days. She isn't taking as long of naps  or as much naps through out the day so that allows her to sleep better at night and a little longer stretch. Most nights she is down for sleep at about  9 or 10 P.M and will sleep till about 4 or 5 A.M before waking up to feed again.

This girl loves to play, she loves smiling and even will have a lil baby giggle here and there. She is definitely a social butterfly, and is especially social and vocal in the early morning hours. Always chatting up a storm about something and ready to share a smile with any face she sees. She loves belly tickles, and just recently learnt to make bubbles with her mouth don't get her too excited though or you will get a big drool pool lol.

All in all the last three months have been a fun ride, big sister has also been a  huge helper and her number one playmate. It's so interesting watching her grow up and transform and learn new things each day.