FridayJuly 31, 2015

I noticed a new trend the other day while doing my usual Instagram surfing, and that is how much of an envious generation we are lol. What I mean by that is, we are infatuated by people's lives on social media. I will be the first to say, I am also part of this list of people. Back to my story, so while surfing one of my followers page, I came across a very cute picture of she and her boo being the nosey person I am I started reading the comments and I ran across a comment that simply read #relationshipgoals, I was so confused when I saw that. Main reason one, I wasn't too sure what was the goal here, was it to have a cute picture such as this beautiful couple, or was it to to be this exact couple, but honestly I didn't get it. So it got me thinking, why is our generation so highly envious though. Why is a cute family picture of The Carter's (Beyoncé, Jay-z, and Blue Ivy) automatically what we are all striving for. Don't get me wrong they are a beautiful family, but if anything that the infamous elevator video taught me, is all that glitters isn't gold. I am not saying all these beautiful couples or families that post pictures of themselves on social media are just putting on a show for us, all I am saying is we don't know the behind the scenes. All we see is that beautiful minute on Instagram, but outside of that we all don't know their lives. So I think before we all start working towards those instagram goals, let's be real with ourselves and sort out our real life goals. The show on stage is always going to be better than the chaos backstage.


ThursdayJuly 23, 2015

Trust for me is one of those things that is so senstive and very much needed in any relationship I will be having with you, and if that trust is broken best believe it's very very hard to regain. I will be the first to say openly yes I have very bad trust issues (I am trying to work on it) but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt before just categorizing them though. I think that is fair though, I mean I don't just go around jumping the gun or labeling people before giving them a fair chance. The other day during my deep bathroom thought session (yup I do my best thinking and figuring out in the royal bath tub haha) I did get to thinking is having trust issues a flaw? do you ever truly get over your trust issue? And really why do we have trust issues as humans? I mean you can't help the fact that some jack hole did you wrong, cause honestly some people just can't help it lets be  real. But, why do we hold on to it so strongly that it literally becomes the way we choose the people we do give a chance to be friends with, date or just even associate with? I honestly don't know the answer to these questions but, it makes me wonder though. If any one of you have dealt with trust issues, I would really love to know how you dealt with it, have you been able to overcome it and how? Please share!