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TuesdayAugust 04, 2015

So first off I want to say I am so proud of my generation,  people are using the resources they have as an outlet to promote change,  be about change and being a part of the difference we need so I very much love that. That's not who this post is about.
This post is about the ish starters, the folks that have done no kind of research and know nothing about what they post on social media. This post is for those folks that instead of either just passing on something and keeping it moving,  or simply just hitting the share button they choose to comment on things they know absolutely nothing about.  And by commenting and sharing false info lik this on the Web, they are further promoting some false properganda and educating people on the wrong thing.
it's annoying to see such things because we have enough problems in the world, so to see added fuel promoting wrong information it's not giving us any resolve on the real issues we face.  Like I said earlier,  I am all for using social media to bring issues to the front and create positive, resolving dialogs.  But honestly let's not use social media as another amunitiom and ways to cause more trouble, than fixing the present issues.

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