Weekly thanks!

MondayAugust 10, 2015

So I am a bit late on posting last weeks thanks, but it's better late than never right. Last week went so fast literally felt like I blinked my eyes and the week was over, but i sure  as hell am not complaining though. All in all I think it was a good week, I would say two major things I was especially thankful for were one having a smooth sailing work week. I had as little hiccups and not as much calls complaining about something, so that in itself was an extreme blessing. Second thing I was thankfulfor, is I think I am getting closer to finding a reception hall for my wedding. Was able to see a location I completely loved, and it fits perfectly the look I have always envisioned in my head, just gotta lock that bad boy up and that is one major step for wedding planing. I am so excited for what this week has in store, what were you all thankful for last week?

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