Prepping for our first christmas

WednesdayDecember 14, 2016

This year we will be spending our first official family Christmas, its so exciting because we can start to form our own traditions and all that jazz. Its so interesting how the Christmas season  in Colorado is so different from in Texas, the most obvious one is weather wise clearly by now in Colorado the snow would have been coming full force and those low temps will be super real by now. But, Texas weather is so different, we have had a few days of cold days (and honestly its been very cold some of those days where I almost forgot I was in Texas) But up until early Dec we were still rocking our short sleeves and blazing the air conditioner. So with that being said it was a little strange getting into the holiday spirit, might just be the African girl in me that instantly thinks Christmas and Snow go hand in hand lol.

Well we did finally get into the spirit, we did put up our Christmas tree and I think after the tree was put up then my hubby got a little Christmas happy. Also having an almost 4 year old who is overly excited for Christmas feeds into that. Granted we will not be in Texas for actual Christmas day, because we will be spending the holiday with my family in Colorado (hoping for a white Christmas) But, I just love the joy of seeing her fully experience these holidays and be so aware of what it all means, this year I am getting a new understanding of what the holiday season is all about, and I think a little part of that is because of I get experience that joy that my toddler has in her eyes as well as experience it my own family.

Christmas with a toddler: Gift ideas

MondayNovember 28, 2016

I still can't believe we have officially kicked off the Christmas season, where did 2016 go? But if there is one person that is very excited for Christmas it is my 3year old. Literally every TV ad with a toddler related item she wants obviously, I haven't started shopping for Christmas just yet (I am usually late to the game) but at this rate I am hoping I get it right lol. So, if you are like me and still trying to figure out what you should get your little one, then this post might be of great help to you.

  • Clothing never fails, I honestly believe you can never go wrong with a clothing item. Whether it be a dress, shoes or even PJs. And I would recommend you add freshly picked moccasins to the top of your list. Most people automatically think the brand is geared towards infants and babies but their size range go up high. My daughter totally loves her pair, the leather is very soft so she can run around and do her usual everyday things. If you are not a fan of the soft sole, they also come in hard soles as well. 

  • Toys, I mean you can never go wrong with toys in a child's' eyes that's for sure. This year I felt there were so many amazing character movies that the choices for toys are endless. And the ever classic Frozen is still going strong. A little extra let it go never hurt lol
  •  Books are always convenient too, my daughter is getting to that point where she tries to read the book (completely wrong lol but she is trying) A few of her favorites are Cinderella and On the Night, you were born. I know a lot of parents are tired of the toys that end up laying around everywhere and of course clothes they will outgrow so books are always safe and it doesn't hurt that its educational as well. 
  • Educational electronics, face it our children are growing up heavily in the digital age and everything is powered by electronics. There are so many educational electronics out on the market that they list is endless. But my daughter has the leapfrog epic, and I think so convenient because for one she gives my iPad a break and secondly everything on there is geared towards kids so no worry of any inappropriate apps or videos.
I hope this helps you to start checking some items off your list for your toddler, and if you are like me and totally hate dealing with all the craziness of Christmas shopping and would much rather seat in the comfort of your home and take care of it all, then I bet you are very excited for Cyber Monday. One of my fave online stores FreshlyPicked, kicks off their 24 hours Cyber Monday sale today (Nov 28th) at 10am MST all seasonal at 25% off, so if you are loving these mocs on my little one as much as we both love them, then I wouldn't let this sale pass me by. What other items would you all recommend for a busy toddler, let me know in the comments. 

Our First Thanksgiving: Weekly Thanks

SundayNovember 27, 2016

This year we got to spend our first thanksgiving as an official family unit, and I just got to tell you it was very different (but in a good way too). I am used to holidays with my big family, all the noise and family friends constantly going in and out. But this year, it was just myself, the hubby, our daughter and a couple of friends. Sticking with the theme of getting used to new experiences (my new normal lol) we got to cook our own complete thanksgiving meal, turkey and all and lord was it an experience.  Won’t even lie I was quite nervous to be cooking my first thanksgiving meal, because in the past it’s not really something I had been involved in. So, I let my husband know from the start that we would either be ordering our turkey or he was the one in charge of that (haha). Being our first thanksgiving together we really under estimated, and didn't start prepping till 10 am Thursday morning (yikes! we learnt our lesson on that though). So, that delayed our cooking schedule and being the worrier I am I started freaking out internally just a bit. But God was on our side and everything was ready and done with by 6pm (we initially planned for dinner at 5pm) so we weren't too much off course. And just to toot my hubby's horn the turkey was probably one of the best I have tasted, to be honest I am not a big fan of turkey to start with, so that says a lot coming from me. I am very thankful for my little family, and even though I am still getting used to my new normal and all that comes with it, I must say I am blessed and grateful for God continuing to see us through. I always feel like after thanksgiving, that marks the official start to Christmas season so, I am super excited to decorate and have another first together has a family. Hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving as well? Any fun family stories?

Thanksgiving with an African spin lol

This week was also my birthday so, that was something to be thankful for. I love that my birthday falls so close to thanksgiving, almost feels like God did that on purpose (haha). It’s funny that morning when I woke up, Facebook had notified me about one of those memories thing it has now, I love looking through those because it’s so cool to see how much I have grown over the years. But in looking back on my page and statuses it’s so funny how a few years ago, I made such a big deal of my birthday and now that I am a bit older, of course my birthday is still very special but I spend most the time leading to my birthday reflecting more on how far I have come and goals I have set that are yet to be accomplished. Does anyone else feel that way, like the older you get birthdays become more of accountability and just making sure you are not completely sucking at this life thing. And being a mother its gone from not only sucking at my own life, but also making sure I am not completely screwing up my daughter's either. My 26th year was a year of spiritual growth, I really tried to focus, and grow my relationship with God so much this year and believe that he would handle it and there were so many times where I can say if it wasn't for God I wouldn't have made it through. As I look forward into 27, I am more trusting of God because there has been quite a bit of changes in my life and there are times when I am just like I don't know how I am going to make it through but I have been through it this far and I know I am only going to making it even further. I am excited to see what this new year in my life does bring though. Who else uses their birthday has a reflection point for their life?

Respect your lane: Beating insecurity in our social media world

WednesdayNovember 16, 2016

The other day I was watching a video on Patricia Bright's YouTube page, she spoke on how the internet has made her insecure and made her doubt herself on things because she compares herself with others and questions herself on certain things. As I watched the video I literally felt she was speaking to my soul, I did a post last year called keeping up with the gram and how much our lives have become so focused on social media, and pretty much a lot of things people shoot for these days is based on what they see on others social media pages. Insecurity is something we all deal with, even the most confident person has something they are insecure about but, with the new age of social media and the internet those insecurities are put on display for people to dissect and nitpick at even more.

 I have always had my insecurities but, prior to being a mom it wasn't something I focused on or allowed to impact my life because prior to being a mom I was a carefree twenty-two-year-old that didn't have real worries. But when I became a mom life changed, its stopped being about me and instead about this new life that I had to nurture and protect so all my insecurities were pushed to the forefront. And with the help of social media it was a thousand times worse. I would spend so much time and energy looking at people's pages that I didn't even know, comparing what they were doing for their child and how much their child was developing and just beat myself up because I felt oh their daughter is the same age as mine so she should already be crawling and as a first-time mom it made it much harder to be the best mom I could be. Even now I still beat myself up, and just constant comparing and just not letting myself enjoy my life for what it is, not going to lie there are plenty of things I want to do and I feel like I have missed out on somethings just because of where my life is now doesn't necessarily align with some of the things I want. But if there is one thing I have learnt through all this, and just in growing up is that everyone's life is different and everyone's path isn't aligned the same way so instead of focusing on the things I don't have or can’t do instead focus on the blessings I already have because the things I have now are what others are wishing for and I can't even enjoy it because I am too worried about the little part of someone's life that they choose to share on snap-chat. Lets' be real, no mom is ever going to show you when their child has a poop explosion, or has a full-blown tantrum in the middle of target, and you are never going to see the videos of those horrible fights with their loved ones or the unfiltered real “no-make-up” pictures when they aren’t looking fly because who honestly wants to see that.

So a new practice I have started is instead of picking up my phone first thing in the morning and scrolling through social media and just entering those negative voices and feelings into my day, I instead start my day reading some devotionals and then listening to uplifting music, I have noticed the difference in the tone of my day and also in my outlook of the day.  I start the day feeling so much better about my life and my day because, I didn't start my day in someone else's life but instead mentally preparing MY own day. I would love to hear about your experience with insecurity, and learning to live in this social media driven world of ours and not letting it have so much power over your own life. What are some good habits you all have picked up as well let me know in the comments 😊?

How I have a (semi) successful flight with my toddler

MondayNovember 07, 2016

I have been traveling with my little one since she was about 3 months old, granted we are no jet setters but we do go on our occasional family trips and traveling with a child honestly can be a pain. When she was younger and didn't really do much moving it was actually pretty easy to fly with her. The minute she started moving and being more independent then a lot more was needed for flying and making sure she had a pleasant flight. Would hate to be that mom with the toddler that  is screaming her head off. So I thought I would share some of the tips I use today to make our flights a little comfortable for not just myself and her, but everyone else on board.

  • Her Leap-Pad Epic is on the top of the list of things packed, this goes everywhere and its honestly one of the best things ever invented for kids. Before we got her the leap-pad  she would always want to play with my iPad and it got so hard trying to control what she would view and do on there. With the leap pad its all kid focused with videos and games made for kids only so I like that and its just a lot more comforting for parents. 
  • Her favorite book is a must, my daughter really loves reading and being a toddler her attention span is about 2 seconds and she is ready for something else so I always carry along a book or some type of physical activity outside of the pad just in case she needs something else to do.
  • A snack, especially with airlines charging so much for in flight snacks these days I am not trying to spend all my money to buy something for my kid to eat on the plane so we pack a pretty good amount of things to snack on. It all just depends on how long the flight is. Also water or juice. 
  • And it all goes in her favorite backpack
What are some ways you moms make flying with your toddler a breeze?

Exploring the city: Dallas

October 24, 2016

Lately I have been in a little bit of a funk, so to mentally pysch myself into a better mood I took the little one on a little tour of the city. One thing I was always mad at myself for was never really exploring Colorado and enjoying all that  the beautiful state has to offer. So I intend to fully experience Texas and enjoy all that this huge state has to offer, me and the family got to take a little trip to San Antonio already and explored that historic city recently, you can read about our mini family vacay here. So this past weekend I decided to start my Dallas adventures, we went exploring the Dallas art district, and I was so impressed with the beauty of the city.

We started at Klyde Warren Park, which was so beautiful and the whole vibe going on through out the park was so welcoming and amazing. My daughter was a big fan of all the water fountains, and especially loved the little kids park next time we might have to bring along a bathing suit though. I was more excited to try the various food trucks. 

After hanging out at the Park for most of the day, we took a walk down the street and ran across the Crow Collection of Asian Arts Museum which was free, so we did a little peek in there to see some of the history then took a few pictures in front of the beautiful structures in front. 

 All in the all it was an amazing day of exploring and getting to know the city a little. Not sure where our next adventure will be, but I think we might just make this a re-occurring way to get out of the house and also get to know how new home. 

Weekly thanks: Support System

ThursdayOctober 13, 2016

This past month I  got a new found  respect for support and having people to hold you down and have your back, I got to be a parent all by myself and it just gave me a better insight and a brand new view of what support means. So as you all know I recently moved to Dallas with my family so I went from family upon family to just me, my hubby and my mini me. Clearly moving is never easy and it does take quite a bit of adjusting. But life doesn't stop when you are adjusting to new things, my husband recently took a trip out of the country and so it was just me and my daughter for a little while (clearly his next trip we will be making a big ole family vacation and abandoning work and school lol) Anyway being new in Dallas I wouldn't say I have much close knit friends, and that comfort of knowing people when you go out is out of the window as well so for the very long month he was gone, it was very hard on me. I got to appreciate my husband alot more because, having a partner and knowing if I can't get something done I have someone I can call up to assist makes a world of a difference. There were a few days when I would be running late after work to go pick up my daughter, and the fear of traffic delaying me getting her from school on time would give me such anxiety. Oh and lets not count the fact that we literally were late to school and work the entire month lol  (I don't think this really had much to do with no support though). But when I think about the amout of parents that solely do it all on their own, no partner or family to fall back on I do appreciate the fact that the 3 years I have been a parents I have had someone (actually people) to fall back on. Whether it be my awesome mom that helped me not lose my shit and was my right hand woman those first years of being a mom, or my siblings that have helped me by babysitting when life has handed me last minute changes or my husband that helps me maintain my cool when my 3 year old is just about ready to drive me off the wall. Its not easy being a parent and you go through the motions and of course emotions and you are constantly trying not to make the wrong decision or do the wrong thing. I think this month I got to spend with my daughter by myself was not only a test of being a parent but, it also made me realize at the end of the day I still have people on my side and of course it was hard and then the feeling of loneliness or feeling out of place it really did suck I won't even lie but knowing that I did have people I could call on and they would comfort me is a blessing.

What have I been up to........

SaturdaySeptember 10, 2016

So it has been a while since I posted anything on my blog, honestly I have mostly just been kind of lazy but I also have been settling in. With change comes lots of getting used to, and settling in. It has been quite a big change for sure adjusting to everything, definitely miss having my big family all around but also love my little family and us getting to create our own rules and way of life. Anyway here is what we have been up to, been doing a little bit of exploring we got a chance to take a little family road trip to San Antonio and also made a little pit stop in Austin. I really want to go back and explore Austin so more cause its such a cute little city with so much character. I already let the hubby know that we will be making another trip down there without the little one soon. San Antonio was also lovely, we got to stay in a very gorgeous hotel with so much history of the city and so grand.

If you ever are in San Antonio I will definitely recommend The St. Anthony Hotel the service we received our entire stay was top grade. Also took a trip to Sea World, which the little one loved, now every time we see the Sea World commercial on TV she reminds me how we went there to see the dolphins.

The little one started Pre-K, so surreal definitely made me realize my mini me is growing up right under my nose where is time going (I can't deal). We recently got a chance to go and visit my family back in Colorado, that was nice we got to catch up with everyone and just being back home even if it was only for a little bit was nice.

Its crazy how much life and living has happened in four months (the year is moving a little too fast by the way). As the summer winds down and we slowly enter fall I am so excited for whats to come and if anything I am extremely excited for this Texas heat to chill out lol.

Adulting 101: Balancing friendships with being a wife and mother.

WednesdayJuly 27, 2016

Recently I was listening to one of Mattie Jame's podcast episode Mattieologie ( if you haven't listened to any of her podcasts I highly recommend them, especially for new bloggers she shares many tips to run a successful blog) Anyway back to the podcast I listened to, she speaks on how balancing motherhood, marriage and owning a business has made her a bad friend. After listening to it, it got me thinking and I realized she was kind of talking about my life currently. I think after I became a mom I went from being an okay friend to a terrible one. I will be honest I already sucked at keeping in touch and reaching out to people, but something about being a mom, wife and working a full time job really makes you forget you had friends in the first place. I feel like my life revolves around those three roles, and when I do finally have some free time I would really love to spend time with friends (I really would), but me time just sounds so much better.

Clearly I know I am not the first woman to ever be married, have a child (imagine when I have more than one lol) work and still have some type of social life how are they doing this? so I have decided to try some new habits within the last month and hoping it will stick  so I thought I would share and I hope this will help someone in the same boat as me.  And you don' t have to be in the same exact situation as me, you could just be a newly wed like me with no kids that still wants to enjoy being a wife and not completely ditch your friends or you could be a single mom (or dad) who doesn't want to have your life completely revolve around your child and not remember who you were before your child came around. Here are the new habits I am trying out:

  • I have learnt to stay in touch whether it be via calling (I really don't remember how to do this though) texting and good old social media (thanks to so many social media outlets know my life has gotten quite a bit easier lol). I get so upset that my girlfriends make plans and don't even try to include me. But I think if the tables were turned and I constantly invite someone out, and they are always giving some type of excuse you bet I will not be inviting them anywhere anymore. So by reaching out I at least I am still doing my part, yes I sure as heck can't be out in them streets every weekend for happy hour or be on every single girls' trip but, I am still trying to catch up and see how they are doing and they can see the effort on my end.
  • I am trying very hard to actually make time, its very easy to say "oh I have so much going on....." and constantly flake out. Like the other day, some girlfriends were in town and had invited me out for drinks, honestly I went back on forth about how I really just wanted to stay home on a Friday night and do nothing instead just because I was tired from a long week and i have become very lame anyway , but honestly as much as I make scarifies for my husband and daughter I should be able to make a few sacrifices for good friends as well. I ended up going to happy hour for a few hours, and had fun and it was a better idea than just seating home and doing nothing. 
  • Plain ole Communicating why I can't make certain things and try to explain why I can't do certain things. Obviously my friends understand my life is at a different place than it was 5 years or even 2 years ago so they will understand me canceling or going MIA certain times. But as a good friend I have to understand that, I can't always just flake on someone and expect them to ALWAYS understand. If the tables were turn I would see it as I am not really that important of a friend to this person which is why they can't make any time for me. So just explaining sometimes and giving a back story, I believe a person is more understanding because they get the full picture. 
This picture pretty much summarizes how my turn up go these days lol FYI this is a very old picture but her attitude still very much the same :)

All in all there have been plenty of times where I wish I could have been out with the girls till whatever time, or I am completely missing the inside joke because I wasn't on that trip  but if there is one thing I have learnt is that my life is EXACTLY where its meant to be. Its all a matter of balance! I would love to hear how you all balance this part of your life, please let me know in the comments.

Going the distance: how I made long distance work.

SundayJuly 03, 2016

As most if not all of you know, I recently got married and still enjoying the bliss of newlywed. But previous to that my hubby and I were in a long distance relationship. It's so funny because every time people ask me how we met and I start to tell the story, people are usually stunned by the fact that we were in a long distance relationship for so long and got married. So I thought I would take some time to speak on my story and how we made it from long distance relationship to husband and wife.
My husband and I met in the fall of 2010 while I was taking a girl's trip to Dallas, and ever since then till the day we became officially husband and wife we were in a long distance relationship well other than the short time I moved to Dallas for about nine months( that's a story for another day). So here are the few ways we were able to make it from long distance to marriage. 

Photo by Sobia Deen Photography
  • Set your exceptions right off the bat: I will be honest I didn't do this when I first entered my relationship hence why our relationship was dragged out so long. But you need to have that conversation off the bat, especially when you notice things start to get more serious. You want to set your expectations for what you are wanting out of the relationship, how long will you do the long distance deal before someone has to move, what you can take and can't take. Because you don't want to waste your time being in a relationship with someone for a year or even more and your expectations are not aligned and you are not working towards the same goals. 
  • Set in your budget the money for baecations to see each other, but also know that you are not in your average relationship: with a long distance relationship you will be sure to do a lot of back of forth traveling and its not always so cheap. While me and my hubby were dating, we tried to see each other every other month and lord did we spend a lot of money on those tickets. But even with those it never seemed like we saw each other enough. So definitely plan for those visit and set into into your budget and expectations how much and how often you both will be willing to spend. Its also important to know that you won't be able to see each other as often as you would like to but, learn to make those trips worth it. And if your exceptions are set then you know this won't be forever. 
  • Trust and communication: This is the most important thing, relationships are hard no matter if you are in a long distance one or local, but when in a long distance relationship you will deal with even bigger tests. So you have to communicate, I would even say over communicate because this person isn't there to see your emotions and there might even be days when you only get to talk to them for a few minutes the whole day so communicate about it all. Trust is needed in any relationship, and when in a long distance relationship that is when the true test of trust plays  a part. I think if you are constantly communicating, then it go hand in hand with trust.
All in all, long distance relationships are hard and it takes a lot of commitment, but a the end of the day just remember if you believe its worth it then you will be willing to put the work into it to make it work. If any of you have ever been in or are in a long distance relationship, I would love to hear your story and what are some tips you used to make it work.

My Fave: Simple Products

WednesdayJune 22, 2016

I have been a fan of Simple products since I accidentally ran across it one day browsing the aisles of Walmart, at the time I was looking for a new moisturizer that would be light weight on my skin but would still keep my face properly  moisturized and not feel like a grease ball. I read the details on the bottle and didn't see anything that looked harsh or would make my skin freak out, so I was like well there is no harm in trying something new. Mind you Simple is a UK brand, so it was just getting into the American beauty brand market at the time that I discovered it so there weren't much reviews or people that had really used it or knew about this brand (at least in the United States). So I was kind of going on a whim and trying this product, and let me just tell you I definitely made the best decision on that.

 After getting the moisturizer and completely falling in love with it, I have gone ahead to try other Simple products that I love just as much such as the facial wipes. I mostly use it to wipe makeups and I think the thing I love most about the wipes is the fact that I don't get that oily residue all over my face every time I use it. To me, it feels like I grabbed some paper towel from the kitchen, poured some water on it and I am using that to clean my face. And the fact that the wipes are so light they make perfect cleansing wipes, especially with moving to this VERY HUMID and HOT Texas weather.

 Whatever formula is being used in their product definitely works for my skin, ever since I started using simple products I have seen tremendous improvements to my skin like less break outs and a I could almost say my skin has a glow to it as well. If you are in the market for a new facial product I would definitely recommend you try this out, being a mom always on the go its nice to not have to worry about my skin as well.

Weekly Thanks!

MondayJune 13, 2016

Is it just me or does it seem like 2016 is flying by, can you believe we are already half way through the year? hmmm not sure how I feel about that though. Anyway in other news I got back to work this week, and became a part of the real world again (lol). Being a full time working mom ain't easy man, and after being off for some time I got a little too comfortable with enjoying being on my own schedule and working at my own pace. So its been so hard getting back to waking up at 5am (ok i lied, more like 6am on a good day) and then not only did I get back to work, but my daughter also got back to daycare as well so trying to figure out our new schedule and of course remembering I am someone's wife now and gone are the days of just thinking of myself and the little one in my daily schedule. I will be honest the entire time I was off, I really wanted to get back to work and back to the busy go, go, go schedule. But, as soon as 9pm Sunday evening hit, I was eating my words up and wanting to take it all back. I was already entering the week off with a defeated attitude, I was very tired all week and by Wednesday my morale was very low and just regretting why I decided to go back to work again.

I realize something the 9 to 5 deal can get a little depressing, going day in and day out putting your all into something and not necessarily getting the results we have all set out in our head but one thing I have to remember is that at least I have something to fall back on. Having a company that allowed me to take the time I needed to get married, and get settled into my new life before jumping back to work that in itself is a blessing. So this week I am thankful for my portion, because with every situation in life there will be pros and cons but in realizing that this is my portion right now and that what I have right now is exactly what I prayed for at one point. I hope you all have wonderful week, and as you enter this new week just remember be thankful for your portion.

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Dealing with a threenager

SaturdayJune 04, 2016

The toddler years are one of the most interesting, rewarding and very very entertaining years if I say so myself. My daughter is about half way through three years, and I realized the other day that my toddler is 3 going on 13. Its so interesting how she is becoming more and more herself,  and has really morphed into a little lady. Previous to having my own child I had heard of the terrible twos, and  was a little scared to see what that phase would be like as a mother but, I recently learnt that the terrible twos ain't nothing compared to the Threenage year. If you are like me and just hearing of this toddler phase don't worry I will be sure to fill you in. I have compiled a list of three popular traits you will notice if they are dealing with a threenager.

  • Overly Independent - I bet you are thinking oh but at age two my toddler was already independent, well yes you are correct but when you have a threenager just think of their independence going to about a level 2000. My toddler wants to do it all on her own, and when I tell her no then it becomes a fight filled with the most dramatic tantrums.
  • Nap time? ummm ya that doesn't exist - No seriously nap time is a fight now because as a threenager your toddler is officially grown, and as we all know when you are grown you don't need kiddie naps. 
  • Attitude, Attitude, Attitude - Yes just like a teenager, your threenager is full of the sass, fingers wagging and hands on waist sass. My threenager knows it all, and definitely tells me just like it is lol
Honestly while it is quite an exhausting phase and a true test of patience as a parent, It also very rewarding to see my child mature into this little adult. And if anything the amount of laughs I  get from seeing my little one trying to be the big boss, is enough to give me some patience when I am running thin.

She really wanted to wear that darn vest, even in the blazing 80 degree weather smh. 
I will be honest there have been days that I have been ready to ship my toddler off but, one thing I have learnt in my little time being a parent is if your toddler doesn't make things a little hard on you then what fun is it having a toddler (lol). I am definitely no perfect mom and I haven't exactly mastered this parenting thing (not that you ever really do anyway) but I thought I would share some tips I have learnt to make the job and getting through this phase in my toddler's life just a little easier.

  • Drinking is key (lol) ok totally kidding, but you have to learn that you were here before your child came around and you can't completely lose yourself just because you are a parent now. This was so hard for me to grasp, and honestly its still hard some days for me to come to terms with. I have gotten so used to having this person in my life, that I barely ever take time for myself anymore. No I am not saying you should  be out partying it up each day, and put yourself first all the time but its a balancing act. You have to learn that yes your child is very important and you will have to make lots of sacrifices most times but, you still have to take time for you. Make alone time, even if its only for a few hours a week.
  • Remember to breathe! There have been countless amount of times that I wanted to lose my marbles and couldn't take my toddler any more, but I am learning to take a minute and breathe because if I react to every little thing she does then I won't make it. I think that is when I am able to laugh at her silly butt. I believe kids were brought into our crazy adult lives so we can laugh because  we tend to be a little too serious anyway. 
  • Don't be so hard on yourself, I have learnt that kids will be kids and yes you are going to have the days when you go in public, and that is when your toddler wants to have a full blown tantrum because you don't want to buy that candy for her at Walmart.  And yes, you will get the stares because clearly its' only your kid that has these types of moments in life. And yes, in that moment is when you will start to wonder where you have gone wrong as a mother, and as badly as you want regulate on her arse, you gotta act right and continue to do the look but, clearly toddlers know nothing about that. Anyway my point is just know that you are an awesome mom, your toddler will test you and will try to get away with as much as they can because yes that is what toddlers do and just because you saw that other 3year old that was so well behaved at dinner with their parents and your kid is a total spaz and can't seat still for one minute doesn't mean you have failed as a parent. It just means your kid has way more personality and a lot more entertaining. 

Adulting : 3 Ways I am adapting to change

SundayMay 29, 2016

Being an adult really is something, and I think the true test of being an adult is when life changes and new chapters begin. And If I say so myself, I think I have fully entered the real world of adulting (lol). So within the last month so much has changed and a new chapter has fully started in my life, I recently got married and then me and my little family started our new life together. Its such a big change, because its one thing to embark on a new chapter of marriage and be someone's wife but, its also another adapting to a new environment and stepping out of my comfort zone and starting this new chapter in  my life in a new location and trying to make sense of it all in unfamiliar territory. This has become my life within these past few weeks, but I am braving it out and thought I would share some tips (in no particular order) on how I am learning to handle these changes

1. Be open minded

  • This right here is major key, because if you are not open minded when  change hits you there is no way you will get through it. For me everything is all new, because this is the first time cohabiting with someone in this sense, and living with someone else in a space that is more familiar to them than me I am learning that with everything that comes I need to be open minded and ready to absorb everything that comes my way whether it be positive or negative ( and even the negative, I am learning to see the positive in and make the best of it)

2. Be prayerful

  • I know not everyone is religious but one thing I have learnt in my little short time on this earth is that nothing can be done without giving it to God first. Change will come at you in all types of ways and it will really take a toll on you either in a good or bad way. So with this new chapter in my life, I have learnt that PRAYER IS KEY. I know that the only way I can succeed and come on the other side of things is by praying.

3. Let change run its course

  • The biggest thing I have had to learn is that change isn't permanent, it comes with a big hit but then before you know it that change will become the norm and life as you knew it before will become a thing of the past. So for me I think just learning that this right now might be a big deal, but within a short amount of time it will seem so minimal and be a part of life.