Baby #2: Expectations vs. Reality

TuesdayJanuary 17, 2017

If you follow my instagram page, then you are aware that I am pregnant with baby #2. I am so excited for our family to be growing, and to be able to welcome this new little one into our home. Of course being pregnant with baby #2 is a little different, the symptoms I felt with my first pregnancy compared to this one are completely different a lot of things that I thought would be different are not and a lot of things I thought would be similar are definitely not.  

My first pregnancy I would say was a walk in the park and didn't really set me up mentally for other pregnancies to follow. The first time around I had no signs of morning sickness, nausea or any of the weird symptoms people describe in their first trimester. I was quite exhausted but I think based on the job I had at the time I would have been exhausted regardless lol. So of course this time around I was hoping for the same symptoms, boy was I in for a big surprise. I didn't actually get morning sickness, but I was definitely nauseous the entire first three months of pregnancy. To be honest if I had just had morning sickness and been done with it I probably would have preferred that. But instead I just felt sick to my stomach almost every single day, everything made me want to puke but never actually made me and then I was super sleepy. I mean I could literally sleep at the drop of a dime.

The first time around, I think I didn't show till about the third trimester. I mean my belly was growing but it was more of the cute omg you are pregnant bump. This time around, i kid you not by 8 weeks I had a bump. My belly was so big by 15 weeks my mom even told me that I should probably ask the doctor to verify my due day lol (so rude). This entire pregnancy I have been spotting a belly and of course I understand its my second child so plenty of things that happened the first time around won't be the same but I had certain expectations i guess.

But through it all I think its just the nervousness of having another child that has shocked me the most. This is because I thought with another baby it would only get easier, I mean how much more could you screw up right? I am at a different point in my life than I was with my first pregnancy (a lot more mature, married and I was mentally prepared for this), but honestly I am very scared of what to expect. Of course I know that every child is different, and it will be a completely different experience with this baby than it was with my first baby but I its just the idea that now I am not just responsible for one little human but an even tinier human, its a very scary thought but maybe this is just me. And I know people are gonna say well you have a husband, which I know but also the thought of us not having any direct family members here to help makes me worry too.

All in all I am sure God will give me the strength to be best mom I can be to the these blessings, but if any mom's out there have felt this way I would really love to hear how you dealt with it and also how you got your other child/children ready for the new addition. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

2017 Goals and Expectations

MondayJanuary 09, 2017

Just like that we are already one week into 2017 time waits for no man honestly. The other day I was reflecting and just thinking of the new year, since this year started I have felt good about all that there is to come out of 2017, and so many ideas have been flying through my head in regard to goals and just things I have to accomplish. I have learnt to stop making new years' resolutions though because as we all know they never get accomplished. So instead for the new year I am setting goals that I can actually accomplish and making myself accountable for them as well. I thought I would share some of my goals for the year as well as the ways I intend of hold myself accountable.

  1. Having more me time, last year I was more focused on giving so much of myself to others I barely remembered myself though it all. Granted so much was going on last year from planning a wedding, to moving my entire life across country, but this year I have had a chance to settle down more into my new life, so I intend to take at least once a week out of the month to take of myself. Whether it be a day of manicures and pedicures or treating myself to a movie but just taking time alone for myself. Its very easy as a mom to give and completely forget all about ones self within it all.
  2. Being more present in my life, and learning to appreciate those moments as well. Thanks so much to social media and all that comes with it, I find myself more caught up in other people's lives and being lustful of what is going on in their lives rather than mine, so this year I intend to give myself a break. At the end of last year I started making sure that I started each day with prayer and reading my devotional instead of instantly grabbing for my phone and surfing social media. I did notice it would start my day on a different tune, so I intend to keep that practice up going into the new year. 
  3. I am going to be easier on myself this year, something I realized in 2016 is I tend to never really acknowledge the good things I actually accomplish but instead focus on the bad things instead. I am hard on myself as a mom, a wife, a friend, daughter, sibling pretty much every portion of my life. There have even been times when I would talk down on myself, just because I didn't complete something the way I intended to in my head. But this year I intend to focus more on the little wins I do accomplish. We live in a world where EVERYONE is already hard enough on us, why add on more by being hard on yourself as well. I intend of praise myself on every little win, no matter how little they are because at the end of the day little wins lead to bigger wins.
  4. Lastly I intend to be more about action rather than just words. There are so many things I have planned out for may 2 or 3 years now that have just stay a plan, but no real action has been put to it. So this year that will change, I intend to accomplish things rather than just continue to add them to my to-do list. 

Planner purchased from TJ Maxx

With all these being said, clearly these won't be so easy to accomplish but one way I intend to keep myself accountable to with my daily planner where I will document out my days goals and make sure I am checking them off the list, Also this blog will be my accountability partner because I intend to use this space to document my hits and misses. I am so ready to tackle 2017 and make it one of my best years yet. What are some goals you all have set out for 2017?